Canadian Dance Awards


The Canadian Tour of American Dance

Rules & Regulations

Upholding the same standard of excellence you’ve come to know and love at American Dance Awards, we are proud to present our Canadian Tour cities as the Canadian Dance Awards!

Run in congruence with American Dance Awards, our sister company, CDA, will be headed up by the ADA Staff and Breanna Willis as Tour Director.

All ADA Rules & Regulations will apply (see Regionals page for details) with the exception of the following:

– CDA participants are allowed more than 3 solos

– CDA registration will adhere to the following classifications:

COMPETITIVE: Dancers wishing to compete for medal standing, overall high scores, choreography and costume awards, Dancer of the Year, Ultimate Challenge, and cash scholarships.

PRE-COMPETITIVE: Dancers who have previous competition experience and train 6 hours or less perweek. Solos, Duet/Trios must be 100% Pre-Competitive dancers, Group – Production must be at least 75% Pre-Competitive dancers to qualify for this level. This classification is used at the sole discretion of the teacher.

NOVICE: Dancers with no previous competition experience. Group – Production must be at least 75% Novice dancers. High Score Novice awards will be based on the amount of entries. This classification is used at the sole discretion of the teacher.

All CDA entries, Regional Title Winners, and Ultimate Challenge medals qualify for participation at our American Dance Awards National Championships!

Canadian Studios will follow ADA Rules & Regulations at ADA Regionals and ADA Nationals.


Questions? Studio Owners may reach out to CDA Tour Director Breanna Willis at