America’s Dancer of the Year



All soloists in any ADA/CDA regional events, ages 7 and up, are eligible for America’s Dancer of the Year at no extra charge!

The next level of competition will be the ADA National Championships, where winners from each regional event in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Ecuador, and China will vie for the coveted title of America’s Dancer of the Year. At the National level, over $8,000.00 in cash scholarships are awarded!

National Championship Dancer of the Year Cash Scholarships

    • America’s Dancer of the Year – $500.00
    • 1st Runner Up – $300.00
    • 2nd Runner Up – $200.00
    • 3rd, 4th, 5th Runner Up – $100.00
    • Audition Class Winners – $50.00 scholarship each

Are you ready to take the Ultimate Challenge?

The Opening Number

Dancers in Junior, Teen, and Senior have the incredible opportunity to work with a professional industry-leading choreographer to create an Opening Number! This is performed twice – at their Title Competitions and also at their respective Video Awards Gala (12 & Under for Junior, 13 & Over for Teen and Senior).

The Video Introduction

Each contestant will create a video introduction with the help of our incredible ADA production team, which then plays on our main screens as they are taking the stage for their solo performance. It is a personalized and professional touch that showcases each contestant’s personality!

The Audition Classes

In an effort to choose the best well-rounded dancer, ADA presents audition classes for each group of contestants. The Title panel will adjudicate the classes and utilize those scores, in addition to a solo performance score, to determine the winners. There will be high score class awards presented to the dancers who achieve the top scores, both male & female, in each genre. The competition for America's Young DOTY does not have an audition class component.

The four mandatory Audition Class offerings for America's Dancer of the Year (Jr/Tn/Sr) will be as follows: Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Contemporary/Lyrical. Their top 2 class scores will be added to their Ballet score. Their lowest class score will drop. Dancers must participate in all 4 auditions.

The Solo Competition

On their respective “Title Day”, each contestant performs their solo for the Title panel and the entire National Championship audience! Their solo performance score, combined with their top 2 class scores added to their ballet class score, determines the winner of America’s Dancer of the Year! It is always an exciting moment as new dancers are crowned with ADA’s most prestigious honor. Runner-Ups for each age division, male & female, are awarded.

to our 2023 National Winners!

America's Young Dancer of the Year

Oliver Logue - Seven Star School of Performing Arts, NY
Miranda Rosas - Prestige Academy of Dance, NJ

America's Junior Dancer of the Year

Jordan Coates - Seven Star School of Performing Arts, NY
Alissa Zilinski - Mossa Dance Academy, NY

America's Teen Dancer of the Year

Jakey McCullough - Dana Hanes Dance Company, Ottawa, ON
Francesca O'Brien - Prestige Academy of Dance, NJ

America's Senior Dancer of the Year

Ryan Sherk - Dance FX, St. Catharines, ON
Lauren Bettuchi - Eastman Dance Company, CT

important 2024 doty information


June 29th and 30th: Junior/Teen/Senior DOTY Orientations, Rehearsals, & Audition Classes Begin!

July 2nd: Young DOTY Orientation & Title Competition

July 3rd: Junior DOTY Title Competition

July 4th: Teen DOTY Title Competition

July 5th: 12 & Under Gala (Junior DOTY Opening # performed again)

July 6th: Senior DOTY Title Competition

July 7th: 13 & Over Gala (Teen & Senior DOTY Opening #s performed again)

(Please see 2024 PARTICIPANT INFO below for additional details. All schedules are subject to change.)

Rules & Regulations

Entry Guidelines

  • Regional Ultimate Challenge Winners & title winners are expected to compete at the National Championships.
  • All contestants will attend orientation, all rehearsals, adjudicated classes and other activities & commitments pertaining to their age level, or they will not be eligible for the title (Young DOTY: orientation only).
National DOTY Participation Fee: 

Junior, Teen, Senior – $275, Young – $200



    • Contestants may not compete their solo from the title competition at any other time during the National Championships. Different solos will be accepted for the National Championship competition.
      • Contestants may compete any solo they choose for the America’s Dancer of the Year competition, it does not have to be the one they regionally won with.
      • DOTY contestants are not exempt from the National Championship registration fee. This is also how they access convention classes and gala tickets.