American Dance Awards would like to congratulate all dancers, teachers and parents on a very successful week of dance. With almost 1200 entries and an amazing dance off, we say thank you for your support and we look forward to many more years of producing dance competitions in South Africa!

 The 2017  event tool place at Akasia City Hall in Pretoria October 2-8, 2017. Below are all of the results from the 2017 event and remember, if you have received a Silver medal or higher in regular competition, you have qualified to compete at our International Championship in Hollywood, FL July 8-15, 2018!

All Title Winners listed below have qualified to participate in our America's Dancer of the Year Competition at the Championship!

America’s Dancer of the Year

Winner                                      Tamsyn Dexter – And I’m OK – Artistry in Motion

Winner                                     Carla Nel – O.C.D – Faymous Studio

1st Runner Up                       Jenna Symonds – Kitri – Shelley Innes Modern Dance Studio

2nd Runner Up                      Joana Da Silva – Towards The Light – Faymous Studio

3rd Runner Up                       Clerece Van Der Westhuizen – In Motion - Acron

4th Runner Up                       Jenna Michael – Refugee – Beverly Hammond

America’s Teen Dancer of the Year

Winner                                     Kayla Reed – Decisions – Faymous Studio

Winner                                     Mariaane Pieterse – Love and Dance Perfection Acro Studio

1st Runner Up                       Kyra Teague - Proserpina - Dancers

2nd Runner Up                      Luca Teague – Missed - Dancers

3rd Runner Up                       Erin Brammer – Moon River - Dancers

4th Runner Up                       Chantelle Ferreira - Esmarelda – Centurian Ballet Academy

America’s Teen Male Dancer of the Year

Winner                                   Nicolas Hattingh – Unsteady – Dancers

Winner                                   Reece Livingstone – Reece Lightining – Big Bounce Dance Studio

Winner                                   Raul Martins – Tricksta – DS Dance Studio

America’s Junior Dancer of the Year

Winner                                    Flying = Christina Bourtsouklis – Shablam Dance Academy                               

Winner                                     Transcendence – Alexia Munn – Shablam Dance Academy

1st Runner Up                         Survive – Melissa van Rooyen = Beverly Hammond

2nd Runner Up                      You Say You Love Me – Raphaella Haralambous -Dancers                                  

3rd Runner Up                       Reflection – Ava Schneage – J&C Dance Creations

4th Runner Up                       Nature of the Day – Nicole De Beer – J&C Dance Creations

America’s Junior Male Dancer of the Year

Winner                                   Dynamite – Luan Duvenhage – Rentia Botha

America’s Young Dancer of the Year

Winner                                  Syan Du Preez – Kinema Studio

Winner                                  Alexandra Bourtsouklis – Shablam Dance Academy

1st Runner Up                       Kaylee Houldsworth – Yolande Mostert Danzwrx Dance Studio                   

2nd Runner Up                      Liora Colley - Dancers

3rd Runner Up                       Lyla May Da Silva – DS Dance Studio

4th Runner Up                       Danica Kuhn – Silver Moon Dance School